The Nuts and Bolts of the BOOM 2024 Program Structure

The Nuts and Bolts of the BOOM 2024 Program Structure

Let’s take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of BOOM Summit, the game-changer in healthtech conferences born from the powerhouse collaboration between DayOne, Kenes,  and Messe. Get ready for a shake-up in the healthtech landscape and unprecedented access to thought leaders across the industry.  

What makes BOOM truly stand out? It’s all about a carefully thought-out program structure that prioritizes impact and uniqueness, challenging the norms of your typical conference. 

Here’s the inside scoop: Networking is not an afterthought at BOOM Summit, it’s a star feature. Dedicated networking time, a rare gem in most events, gives professionals like you the chance to make genuine connections. We are breaking away from the conventional multi-track format and going for a single-track structure supplemented by our Catalyzer Corner to ensure comprehensive coverage without compromising depth. Oh, what is Catalyzer Corner? That’s where you engage directly with experts on the hottest topics of the conference.  

But wait, there’s more. We’re flipping the script on social events with the BOOM Run, an ingenious blend of networking and fitness, symbolizing our take on a well-rounded approach to health in the tech-driven healthcare landscape. And what’s a summit without a party? The BOOM party in Basel is our way of amping up the networking vibes. 

What sets BOOM Summit apart, though, is our laser focus on outcomes and real action. We’re steering clear of the usual sales pitches to bring you genuine, no-nonsense discussions. 

Crafting the program is no simple task. We’re meticulously selecting topics that venture into the unexplored corners of the industry. Our international league of experts is not just for show; it’s to spark diverse conversations that lead to richer insights and outcomes. Our trio – DayOne, Kenes, and Messe – are pooling their expertise and resources to shape this unique experience.  

BOOM Summit isn’t just another conference; it’s a personal call to arms for change in the healthcare system. Our actions here echo in the real world, shaping a brighter healthcare future. 

Curious for more? Explore the website for detailed information about all facets of the program, and make sure to secure your spot for this revolutionary experience. 


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