Networking at BOOM

Networking at BOOM

Experience networking at BOOM

BOOM Summit emphasizes collaboration and dialogue among global healthcare professionals, with networking as a standout feature.

From extended breaks in the mainstage program, to non-traditional networking spaces like the Catalyzer Corner, BOOM Summit ensures that every attendee can find networking opportunities that resonate with them.

Here’s what networking at BOOM looks like:

Extended breaks: Unlike most events, we offer dedicated networking time during extended breaks in the mainstage program. Our single-track structure ensures participants can engage in traditional and non-traditional networking options, fostering genuine connections.

Catalyzer Corner: This unique space encourages interactive discussions and collaborations with healthtech experts. It’s a hub for thought-provoking conversations, networking opportunities, and meaningful connections, enriching the conference experience with diverse insights.

1:1 meetings via the Official Summit app: Utilize the app to schedule meetings with peers and like-minded individuals. Choose your companions and arrange meetings in dedicated 1:1 areas, maximizing networking opportunities.