Orchestrating Brilliance: The Selection Tale of BOOM 2024 Speakers

Orchestrating Brilliance: The Selection Tale of BOOM 2024 Speakers

The selection of BOOM speakers was an intentional pursuit to curate an international league of experts. As SMEs, we took a grassroots approach to shaping our conference speakers list. First, we reflected on the disruptive conversations we craved, on what is missing in the conference scene. We then consulted industry leaders, adding their insights to our disruption checklist. With our topics solidified, we sought out genuine disruptors in our networks and beyond – individuals known for transparent, thought-provoking discussions. The result? A speaker lineup that’s not about sales pitches, but authentic conversations.

Some of the DayOne organizers are recognized as subject matter experts with experience presenting at numerous international healthtech conferences.  They’ve got a knack for spotting speakers who shine bright with their expertise and groundbreaking approaches. These are the voices we’ve handpicked to address the very challenges we’re here to tackle at BOOM.

At the heart of BOOM, both DayOne and Kenes champion diversity. Why? Because everyone brings a distinct lens, making diverse conversations the cornerstone of insightful discussions. The more varied the voices, the richer the discourse and outcomes – that’s the BOOM promise.

BOOM Summit isn’t just an event; it’s a rallying call for change within the healthcare system. Our actions reverberate in the real world, shaping a brighter healthcare future in the long haul.


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