Apply to shine

Apply to shine

Stand out from the crowd and make your mark in the industry by securing a prime spot at BOOM! This is your chance to shine, to inspire, and to connect with industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential customers. 

Main program slot

from EUR 12 000


  • Beyond the Surface: Unmasking Health Tech’s True Power and Purpose – A Critical Examination of Current Implementation and Direction
  • Provocations for Change: Uniting Health Equity, Digital Forces, and Global Sustainability in a Complex World
  • Tech-Powered Care Unleashed: Redefining Accessibility to care, and empowering Livability in a Healthier Future
  • TechRx: Sculpting the Future of Pharma – Unveiling HealthTech’s Alchemy in Crafting Next-Gen Drugs and Patient-Centric Treatments
  • Unfiltered Voices: Dissecting Health Tech’s Reality – From Untapped Potential to Controversial Pathways
  • Will technology in healthcare make us more human?
  • Your Health needs YOU

Please be aware that depending on the type/topic of the session, participation may include a presentation or may be limited to participation in a panel discussion. 

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