The future of healthcare is now. Are you in?

Welcome to BOOM Summit, where healthcare professionals come together to challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change in the industry. Hosted by DayOne, KenesGroup and MCH, the BOOM Summit is dedicated to advancing health technologies and reshaping the healthcare landscape.

BOOM Summit is born out of the pressing need for collaboration and dialogue among healthcare professionals worldwide. Our event is designed to provide a platform for industry visionaries and disruptors to share insights, engage in interactive workshops, and showcase cutting-edge technologies. We believe that by fostering organic connections and meaningful conversations, we can collectively address the challenges facing the healthcare industry and pave the way for a brighter future. Together, we’ll discuss topics such as AI-empowered diagnostics, telemedicine, the potential of blockchain in healthcare data management, and many, many, more.

BOOM brings together thought leaders, venture capital investors and startups founders and offers a platform for every voice that needs to be heard in the industry. What are you waiting for to raise yours?

Let’s create a BOOM in the industry!

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What to expect

We are on a mission to catalyze the disruptors of healthcare, envisioning a future for a healthy and happy society. Through honest meetings and discussions, we aim to deliver cutting-edge tools for next-generation health.

  • Discover innovations: Experience healthcare’s future at BOOM Summit.
  • Push boundaries: Shatter and reshape healthcare norms.
  • Immerse yourself: Dive into transformative talks and tech showcases.
  • Build connections: Connect with the best, from agile startups to industry leaders.
  • Learn strategically on three pillars:

    1. Harnessing health data accessibility
    2. Transforming mindset from sickcare into comprehensive healthcare
    3. Navigating the health/disease continuum

  • Tap into Basel’s Best: Explore the thriving Basel healthtech ecosystem.
  • Innovate for patients: Hear from end-users to learn how to create solutions that are truly fit for purpose.

Welcome to BOOM Summit

Let’s create a BOOM in the industry together.

Who is this event for?

From industry pioneers, and tech enthusiasts, to healthcare professionals eager to embrace the future – BOOM welcomes all who are passionate about the next big leap in healthcare.

Pharma, bio/med/healthtech decision makers
Healthcare professionals
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Healthtech startups and founders
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Researchers, academic professors and students
Government officials and regulatory decision makers
Investors and VCs
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Healthtech stakeholders looking to make a difference in healthcare

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Explore Basel

Positioned at the crossroads of innovation and tranquility, Basel stands as a testament to centuries of pioneering spirit within the backdrop of Switzerland's breathtaking landscapes. As an emerging healthtech hub and Europe's biotech powerhouse, Basel's vibrant cityscape is interwoven with a legacy of breakthroughs that have reshaped industries and transformed lives. Its fusion of cutting-edge advancements and timeless elegance offers an unparalleled backdrop, creating an ideal canvas for the visionary discussions and groundbreaking collaborations that define BOOM Summit.
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